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Taj Bar & Kitchen


The Taj Bar & Kitchen is a popular indian restaurant and take away offering an excellent range of dishes to suit all budgets and tastes.

Situated in the centre of Prestwick, the Taj is the ideal place to enjoy a family meal, dine with friends or host a special occassion.

All of our dishes are cooked to order using fresh ingredients for the best possible taste. 

Please advise your server of any dietry requests when placing your order.


Appetisers & Starters

Samosa 4.90
Alo Tikie 4.90
Spiced potato fritters
Daal Soup 4.00
Channa Poori 4.90
Prawn Poori 5.90
Onion Bhaji 4.90
Fried crispy sliced onions in a special batter.
Tapka Chicken 5.90
Chicken breast pieces lightly battered and cooked in ginger, garlic,
fresh coriander and a touch of green chilli with chefs own sweet chilli sauce.


Vegetable Pakora  4.50
Chopped mixed vegetables battered in gram flour and spices
Palak Pakora (Spinach Leaves) 5.30
Mushroom Pakora 5.30
Cauliflower Pakora 5.30
Paneer Pakora
Indian cottage cheese 5.80
Mixed Vegetable Pakora
Mushroom, cauliflower, palak 5.50
Machi Masala Pakora
Fish with a hint of fresh coriander and green chillies 5.90
Chicken Pakora 5.90
Chicken Breast Pakora 6.90
Chicken Tikka Pakora 6.90
Mixed Pakora 5.90
Mushroom, chicken and haggis.
Haggis Pakora 5.90

Tandoori Starters

Seekh Kebab 5.50
Chicken drumsticks on the bone 5.90
Special Jaat-Paat (Taj Special)
Chicken drumsticks tossed in honey sauce, fresh garlic & spring onions 6.90
Chicken Tikka 5.90
Tandoori Chicken (On the bone) 6.50
Spicy Chicken Wings (4) 5.50
Lamb Chops (3) 6.50
Venison Tikka 7.90
Tandoori Mixed Grill
Lamb, chicken, beef fillet, king prawn & seekh kebab 7.50
Monkfish Tikka 7.50
Tandoori Salmon 7.50
King Prawn Tikka (3) 7.90

Tandoori Sizzlers (Main)

The tandoori preparations are marinated in fresh ginger, garlic, mint, lemon juice, cumin, garam masala, tandoori masala and cooked to perfection in the tandoorI clay oven, giving it a barbequed sense of taste. Served with sauce & rice. For any other sauces £2.00 supplement.

King Prawn Tikka 16.90
Tandoori Salmon 15.90
Monkfish Tikka 15.90
Tandoori Chicken (On the bone) 12.90
Chicken Tikka 11.90
Chicken Tikka Achari
Marinated in mixed pickle 12.25
Chicken Garlic Tikka 12.25
Chicken Ginger Tikka 12.25
Chicken Tikka Shashlik 12.25
Lamb Chops (6) 13.90
Lamb Tikka 13.90
Sheesh Kebab Turkish (Fillet Steak) 15.90
Tandoori Mixed Grill
Lamb tikka, chicken tikka, beef fillet, King prawn & seekh Kebab 15.90

Popular Indian Dishes

Butter Chicken
A buttery sauce with tandoori masala, cream and a hint of fresh lemon.
A dry form of curry with tandoori masala, green peppers, mushrooms, fried onions and tomatoes.
Punjabi Special
A thick sauce containing authentic punjabi spices, fresh green peppers, mushrooms, fried onions and tomatoes.
A rich flavoursome condensed sauce of onions and tomatoes infused with fresh garlic, ginger and spices.
Komal Patia
Patia sauce with an abundance of fresh cream, giving a pleasant creamy sweet and sour taste.
Rogan Josh
A classic dish with loads of flavour prepared with onions, tomato tarka and a host of Indian spices.
Traditional Curry
A traditional homemade style medium curry.
Freshly chopped green chillies, spring onions, coriander and tarka of North Indian spices. Chasni Sweet and sour sauce

Chefs Specialities

Garlic based masala sauce , infused with sweet chilli sauce, a dash of cream and a touch of soya sauce.
A medium/hot form of curry with a garlic base tossed with red onion and fresh ginger strips.
Chefs own sweet chilli and hot chilli sauce with a delicate touch of soya sauce Singlore A dry form of curry with honey,
spices, fresh coriander and spring onion.
Fresh garlic, black pepper, tomatoes, creamy patia sauce with a hint of fresh coriander.
Taj special chilli sauce with fresh garlic, spring onions, green chillies, coriander and jeera.
Prepared with jeera, fresh coriander, ginger, garlic, spring onions, mushrooms,green peppers, in a tomato based sauce.
A spicy curry cooked with Indian mixed pickle
Begum Bahar
Infused with minced lamb, spices, nuts and cooked with a touch of herbs.
Nawabi Pasanda
Infused with spices and yoghurt, a mild sauce with ground cashew nuts and raisins
South Indian Garlic Chilli
Cooked with fresh garlic, green chillies and a hint of coriander in chefs own special spicy sauce.
Prepared with honey and mango sauce with a touch of special aromatic herbs.
Ginger,garlic, fresh coriander with a touch of green chilli served with chefs own sweet chilli sauce.
Tandoori Makhani Masala
Cooked with a mild sauce with onions, tomatoes and ground cashew nuts.
North Indian Garlic Chilli NEW
Fresh garlic cooked with hot chilli and a sprinkle of our homemade garlic
Jatti NEW
Potatoes & Tomatoes tossed with fresh spices & spices, coated in our very own Staff Sauce, served best
with lamb
Kutti Mitti NEW
Our Taj Style chilli sauce, on a bed of fresh garlic & ginger infused with Patia sauce and a dabble of cream to ensure a
tangy but nippy taste
All above dishes are available with the following ingredients:
Chicken 8.90
Chicken Tikka 9.50
Lamb 9.90
Lamb Tikka 9.90
Prawn 8.90
King Prawn 12.90
Beef 8.90
Beef Fillet 12.90
Mixed Grill (beef fillet, chicken tikka, lamb tikka) 12.90
Mixed Vegetable 7.90
Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) 8.50
Monkfish Tikka 11.90

Korma Dishes

Prepared with fresh cream and coconut
Shahi Bahar Korma
Prepared with ground coconut , fresh cream, cashew nuts and almond flakes
Garlic Sweet Chilli Korma
Cooked with a hint of garlic and chefs own sweet chilli sauce
Mirchi Korma
Cooked with cream and a hint of green chillies
Kashmiri Korma
Prepared with fresh cream and fruit, either pineapple, banana or both

Taj Specials

Taj Special Curry A trio of chicken, beef & prawn cooked in a medium sauce. 9.90
Tandoori Taj Special Curry A trio of chicken tikka, beef fillet, king prawns cooked in our original curry sauce.11.90
Taj Special Biryani A trio of chicken, beef and prawn cook in savoury rice, topped with egg and dry fruits & served with curry sauce 11.90

Vegan Curries 7.90

Tarkha Daal
Indian Vegetable Curry
Vegetable Kofta
Saag Paneer (non-vegan, vegetarian only)
Aloo Saag Bhoona
Amritsari Shoolay
Aloo Gobi
Vegetable Tawa
Bombay Potato
Mushroom Bhaji
Chilli Paneer (non-vegan, vegetarian only)
Paneer Tikka Shazlik 10.90
(non-vegan, vegetarian only) - Indian cottage cheese, marinated in tikka spices, served on sizzler with Tandoori cooked Veg. Served
with rice & curry sauce


Pilau Rice 2.90
Boiled Rice 2.60
Mushroom & Chickpeas Rice 3.80
Mushroom & Mixed Nut Rice 3.80
Special Fried Rice 3.80
Fried rice tossed in with egg, peas & a hint of spices.
Onion & Coriander Rice 3.80
Achari Rice 3.80
Tangy with a hint of mixed pickle
Spiced Rice 3.80
Lemon Rice 3.80


Plain Nan 2.90
Punjabi Nan 3.80
Drizzled with coconut, almonds, raisens, syrup
Special Nan 3.50
Choose from kashmiri, mince, spiced, garlic, vegetable or cheese.
Chapati 1.90
Tandoori Chapati 2.50
Plain Paratha 2.80
Stuffed Paratha 3.50
Egg, vegetables or mince
Spiced Paratha 2.90
Purees 2.80
Portion of 2 fried chapatis


French Fries 2.90
Garlic Mushrooms 3.00
Spiced Mushrooms 3.00
Poppadom 0.70
Spiced Onions 1.50
Mango Chutney 1.50
Mixed Pickle 1.50
Raita 3.50
Side Salad 2.50

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