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Taj Bar & Kitchen

Street Food & Bar Snacks


Taj Bar & Kitchen’s new innovative and exciting menu takes you on a journey through the streets of India.

Let’s start off with the humble Samosa Chaat. A parcel packed with savoury flavour – a pairing of potatoes and peas, rounded out with complementary spices. Ideal for the hard workers on India’s streets. A perfect on-the-go food. We serve ours with sauced chickpeas and drizzled with an assortment of chutneys and yoghurt.

Another Street Food rooted deep within Indian culture is the Pani Puri. It has many names and variations across Central Asia, but you cannot beat the Indian classic. A light, airy wheat casing is filled with sauteed spiced chickpeas and potatoes. This is then topped with tart pomegranate seeds and a splash of a tamarind for a sweet and sour taste. The whole dish is light and refreshing, perfect on a hot day with a Gin & Tonic.

Moving away from the less traditional foods of India is where the team at Taj has created something new – The Delhi Roll. We take our ever-popular shredded chicken (the very same we use in our Chicken Pakora) and douse it in Curry sauce. This is then folded onto a toasted Brioche roll, topped with grilled onions and our own take on special burger sauce.

We have also been inspired by customer suggestions and brought to the menu by popular request – our Pizzas. Our chefs have fused the best of Italian and Indian cuisines. Our homemade Tandoori Chapati acts as the pizza base which is then smothered North Indian Garlic & Chilli sauce – we then melt a blend of Mozzarella and Cheddar over top. Our personal favourite is the Tikka Bomb which features Chicken Tikka, Red Onion, Green Chilli and Coriander. A one of a kind – only at Taj.

For a lighter bite, perhaps at lunch time, we have our Naanwich and Wraps. Our coveted, freshly baked Naans are filled with Chicken, mixed salad, and then lathered in our Mint Yoghurt sauce. All this leads to a crunchy and filling snack. Similarly, to our Naanwich, our  Wraps  – they are filled with salad, cheese and optionally Chicken Tikka or extra Garlic-y Seekh Kebab. These dishes are served with a side of Fries that have been dusted with Chaat and Tandoori Masala for a spicy kick.

Finally, are our sides. At Taj we have always been about our Nans and Rice. But how about something different? Say Loaded Fries along with your meal? We take crunchy, crisp, fries and pour over curry sauce and top with melted cheese and optional Chicken Tikka. Did we mention that you can choose any of our Curry sauces for your fries?! The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for something to snack on with your Pint, then maybe our Masala Nuts would be best? We take freshly roasted nuts, sultanas and raisins and toss them together with tangy Chaat Masala and numbing Tandoori Masala. Making that next sip ever so thirst-quenching. Or maybe our Onion Rings would be better with your drink? Large slices of Onion are ​coated in our special Pakora batter and deep fried for a crisp exterior but soft buttery interior. 

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