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Taj has always been known for bringing the best tastes of India to Prestwick through our food - but what about our drinks?

We are pleased to present our new list of Indian Influence cocktails. Each one is designed to showcase a prominent flavour, fruit or spice known only to Indian cuisine.

Now, let's take the time to introduce the line up.

Punjabi Colada

A fresh Banana is blended with Spiced Rum, Lime Juice plus Coconut and Banana Liqueur. This leads to a refreshing, fruity, crisp cocktail.


Violet gin, Blackberry Liqeuer and Cranberry juice primarily make upthe drink - we also add Cardamom Syrup and Cardamom pods to give a slightly minty taste. Named after the Punjabi word for 'drinker' or 'drunk' - this cocktail may well describe you!

Banana Daquiri

Taj's take on the classic Daiquiri, blended with fresh Bananas and Spiced Rum.

Mango Mule

Another twist on a famous cocktail - this time we have added Mango and fresh Ginger for a sweet but slightly spiced taste.

Taj Special Espresso Martini

For a decadent alternative to dessert then look out for this one! Caramel Vodka, Indian style coffee and coffee liqueur round out this

Orange City

Named after the city Maharashtra in India - this is crisp, citrus forward Margarita-style drink. Featuring Bayou's Satsuma Liqueur.

All of our Indian Influence are stirred, shaken and blended to perfection with a dash of 'Jaggery' syrup - also known as Indian cane sugar. Unlike sugar syrup you would find in other bars, ours is homemade! What else it makes it unique it's distinct taste - notes of dried fruit, caramel and vanilla add an extra layer of sophistication and authenticity to all of our Indian Influence cocktails.


We are all about trying something new here at Taj - and this cocktail list is no exception. Please keep an eye out for other changes to our bar and more Indian-style drinks coming your way.

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